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Passion Spark is an interactive workshop that is designed to help students ignite their inner passion and prepare them for their future. This workshop will help students understand who they are, get to know what’s out there, prepare for their future, and be confident when telling others about their dream and ambitions.

 On 22-23 March 2021, the journey towards the future of 144 students from Grade 5 & Grade 6 Stella Maris Gading Serpong started.
Guided by the Vooya Coaches, Vooya Mentors, and their teachers, students had the chance to explore their interests, discover their passion, and plan for their future. By joining the workshop, students were equipped with the necessary tools that can help them in their career journey, such as an interactive workbook, and informative seminar.

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Passion Spark Guidebook

Our guidebook allows students to be hands-on in their learning process and work at their own pace. Through a series of fun and interactive activities and exercises, the students could explore and discover their passion and dreams.

Interactive Workshop

Our workshop allows for active participation where the entire classroom can contribute their questions and ideas in real-time by drawing, writing comments, and more. Activities include interactive quiz, video viewing, and matching game.

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The students had the opportunity to share their dream careers to their classmates and teachers. Students were allowed to showcase their dreams through presentations, drawings, videos, and more. Feedbacks and words of encouragement were also shared by their classmates to motivate each other on their career journey.


An awarding session was held to congratulate the students on their hard work and dedication. We want to give them further encouragement to stay motivated in their career pursuit and to not give up on their dreams. 

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Students told their awesome stories about their dreams and ambitions. Through this presentation, students can be more confident in sharing their future aspirations. In the future, they could also look back and compare and contrast their childhood dream with their current one.

Grade 5A

Grade 5B